Yesterday's party @Dan Bilzerian's house for Steve Aoki's charity

18-year Norwegian slut

With Gary Michael Walters..han får 30 likes på bilderna, gör noll för din karriär, men förstör ditt rykte..
Alla säger att Gary just beeing friendly..
Men hur kommer det sig att han känner typ 90% av alla modeller runt LA and the world som har escort-rykte!

The Food At Coachella Looked Insane This Year

These crispy garlic fries topped with crab..

This spicy breakfast bowl with rice, fresh avocado, and egg..

This ultimate grilled cheese, stacked high with fried mozzarella sticks..

Fries stacked high with pulled pork and slaw..


That's where all the beautiful little heartbreakers go to live and dream.
30,000 of them arrive here every single month.
Prom kings and queens and Little Miss Cute Tits..
Every one of them with stars in their eyes and a dream in their heart.

When I first came out here, i had a dream, a dream of an easy life.
I was gonna get rich from lyin' around, having my picture taken and drive a noisy yellow sports car.

Man ser dem överallt i Hollywood, de vackra unga människorna som bekymmerslöst hänger på inneställen och pooler där de rika rör sig.

När de möts sker en tyst överenskommelse - sällskap mot ekonomisk trygghet.

Every mans dream

Social Media site blurs line of prostitution

Behind the NSFW Rise of Instagram King Neave Bozorgi

She asks him to take a few shots with her iPhone so she can post to Instagram.
It’s not an unusual request; the photo-sharing service is how they met and how the self-taught photographer gained his notoriety..

Photographers need models to shoot, models need someone to shoot them and Instagram has made it easier than ever to disseminate the results, according to Kim, co-owner of menswear brand The Hundreds.
“It’s just a perfect marriage of all these things that everyone needed to get famous.”

Russian drama on insta/google translate

Coachella second week!

Get fuck out of her, skämtar dom lr..Lip up fatty fatty..

LA-escort @maysonkai @deniseschaefer @elsiehewitt

Leo dicap's bodyguard/pimp..


Tre bloggar jag följer

LA's hetaste tjej Chaya har öppnat blogg :)

Megan som bloggar om sitt tidigare liv som model och partygirl in LA and NY..

Olivia som pluggar och festar i Paris, kul att följa en vild tonårstjejs liv:)